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Legal Collection Services

Legal Collection ServicesAlthough taking legal action is always a last resort, it is oftentimes necessary. When it is necessary, we will only sue after we first obtain your written authorization to do so. Additionally, CRC Inc. pays all Court Costs and Attorney’s Fees, something most other collection agencies do not do. Most importantly, when it comes to providing Legal Collection Services, Creative Recovery Concepts, Inc. is second to none. This is one of the areas that sets us apart from our competitors. Each of our “Large Balance” collectors specializes in legal collections. This means that each collector at CRC generally has more legal experience than most Legal Collection Managers.

Unfortunately, the customers we deal with are not searching us out and asking if we will take their money from them. They are generally hiding, hoping not to be found. Then, when we do find them, they are not at all eager to pay us for the amounts they owe. This is where our expertise comes in, first in finding the consumer, and then in finding their assets. Our Legal Collection Staff specializes in locating assets (real estate, bank accounts, wages, autos, etc.). Most Collection Agencies either don’t take the time or don’t have the know how to do what we do. Legal Collections is an art, and our collectors are artists in their craft.